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Are you looking for the Best Tutor in Surrey? When it comes to teaching math, a problem that most tutors face is that children are too overwhelmed with the subject and are convinced that it is beyond their capabilities to handle. Even the best tutors in Surrey admit to having faced this mental block at least once in his teaching career, thus proving its reputation of being difficult. In such a situation, the onus is on the math tutor to think of ways that would re-kindle the interest of the child in the subject and help him to realize that it is not as complex after all.

Games and puzzles notwithstanding, one of the methods that best tutor in Surrey applies is to point out how deeply interwoven is math in daily life. Suppose you as a tutor find yourself facing a child who is scared of math and just does not seem willing to accept that he could ever develop a liking for it, what should you do? Following are some of the examples that you can put forth in your first lesson to convince the child that it is indeed something which is manifested in the most common aspects of life:

Creating a Work Of Art

Usually children are fond of art in form of drawing, painting, sculpting and so on and that is why this is the best example that a math tutor can use. All he needs to do is point out to the child that use of various forms, their placement and size stem from math. As a result learning math would only serve to strengthen these concepts and help him create better and well-proportionate works of art.

Planning a Picnic

Knowledge of math could particularly come in handy while planning a picnic since it would enable you to perform numerous calculations. From the knowledge that the best tutor in Surrey imparts, you can select an appropriate spot based on feasibility criteria, arrange from transport as per the number of heads that would be attending and cater for refreshments in approximate quantities. So math can help you plan your picnic in a way that the event is enjoyable and memorable for everyone.


If you love gardening enthusiast then it is simply the basic math skill of counting along with adding, multiplying and dividing that would come in handy. This is one aspect of life wherein you may never have realized that math could make a difference. Once it is pointed out to a student, much of the unwillingness to learn math could transform into eagerness.

Handling Your Pocket Money

Proper handling of finances is an important skill and it is one that every child must be taught from a young age. A good math tutor would undoubtedly impress on the child the way money is handled and mistakes that can be avoided while working out finances. He would use fractions to teach the child the portion of pocket money that can be spent and the amount that should go into savings every month. In this way, math could prevent bankruptcy and encourage good financial acumen.


Baking cakes and cookies is something that children enjoy once in a while and math helps in terms of understanding measurements and adding ingredients in the right proportion.


Often children tend to consider only the difficult aspects of math and miss out its application in the simple aspects of life. The onus is on the math tutor to generate interest by explaining how each of the concepts are applicable in daily life and hence why it is important to understand and learn them.

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