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Physics Tutor in Surrey, BC | OOTB Tutoring

Surrey Tutor

Physics Tutor in Surrey, BC

Find a Physics Tutor in Surrey, BC

Are you seeking an experienced, professional, capable and affordable Physics Tutor in Surrey?.Do you need assistance with assignments?

I have over 5 years of progressive experience in teaching elementary and high school courses in the lower mainland. It is essential for parents to enquire about the Surrey tutor’s credentials before trusting their children’s future with them. I am qualified and have knowledge of the BC School Curriculum and my teaching materials involve thorough knowledge of learning strategies that focus on a child’s needs. My main goal is to ensure your child’s success by improving their grade average by at least two letters.

The elementary school program is:

• Focused on improving reading and writing English and comprehension skills
• Focused on improving addition, subtraction and multiplication skills

My surrey tutoring programs for high school students are as follows:
Physics tutoring in Surrey : I tutor Physics 11 and Physics 12 courses and cover topics such as Kinematics 1D, Kinematics 2D, Newtons Law, Forces, Momentum, Work, Energy, Power, Waves, Optics, Nuclear Physics, Vector Dynamics, Equilibrium, Circular Motion, Gravitation, Electrostatics, Electric Circuits, Electromagnetism
Surrey Chemistry tutoring: I tutor Chemistry 11 and Chemistry 12 for the following topics; Safety and Matter, Atoms molecules and ions, Measurement and mole, Molarity and percentage composition, chemical reactions, atomic theory and chemical bonding, organic chemistry, reaction kinetics
Math tutor in Surrey: Pre-Calculus 11 and Pre-Calculus 12, Math 1-10

I charge $40/hr for tutoring in Surrey area and $50/hr for outside Surrey.

Call us at (604)725-6845 or visit our website at https://www.ootbtutoring.com/ if you are seeking a Physics Tutor Surrey.

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