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Surrey Math Tutor – Must Have Attributes

Mathematics is a subject that is regarded by many school-children as a problem. Not everyone is naturally endowed with a knack to understand this subject in class, especially children who are more creative and artistic than logical. So studying mathematics can be a nightmare for them. To avoid such a situation, parents often hire a certified and specialized Surrey math tutor to teach their children so that they can have a better understanding of the subject. However, not every math tutor would be the same and to this effect it is important for parents to bear in mind certain aspects in form of personal traits.

For example, a Surrey math tutor would be regarded as being good only if he displays certain attributes in addition to his subject related qualifications. So, following are the personality attributes that you must look out for while selecting a math tutor for your child:

Affinity towards children – This is one of the most important qualities because a person who is not comfortable with children is unlikely to be able to teach them well. Teaching children math requires plenty of patience and this would come naturally to a person who loves kids. Such a person will not just work with children easily but will also be successful in teaching them difficult concepts and formulae that characterize this subject.

Appropriate qualification – Mathematics is a subject that cannot be taught by anyone so it is imperative for the Surrey math tutor to have a degree in this domain. His qualification would be testimony to the fact that as an individual he is well-versed with the subject and sufficiently aware of its nuances to be able to guide the child.

Experience – Irrespective of whether it is about the domain in general or working with children, experience in the field is a must. The more experienced the tutor is, the better he will be not just at teaching but also handling children and inspiring them to give their best.

Location – If you live in or around Surrey, preferably the math tutor should be located in close proximity so that there is not much of a time lapse in terms of traveling. Having a Surrey math tutor closer to home would also mean regularity in classes and less probability of classes getting cancelled due to weather or other factors.

Attitude – This attribute is very important for Surrey math tutor to have because it would determine his level of communication. The tutor must know when to be friendly and casual with the kid and ensure that the child is more relaxed and open to learning things that appear to be difficult at the beginning.

Innovation is another must for a Surrey math tutor and it implies that he is interested in discovering new techniques to teach children and keep them interested. Math is not an easy subject but with the right approach it can be funny and interesting for children. As a conclusion math tutor has to be something between a school teacher and a friend for children because this way he can find the right way to make them understand mathematics.

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