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Surrey Math Tutoring

Why join OOTB’s Surrey Math Tutoring Program?

OOTB’s Surrey Math Tutoring program provides one on one tutoring and group sessions for all elementary and high school grade levels. Our tutors are available to customers in Surrey, Delta, and White Rock. These private sessions are professional, affordable, and friendly. Because the tutors have an opportunity to work closely with every student in one-on-one sessions, each student’s needs are always a priority. The one-on-one method of private tutoring makes OOTB the best choice for tutoring in Surrey and the surrounding areas.
Trust is important for learning to take place, and students at OOTB will find that their tutor is both understanding and knowledgeable on the subject at hand. The tutor will break down the complex topics being taught into simpler steps, allowing learning to happen gradually and facilitating mastery of the concepts. No matter what subject is being taught, the tutor will always customize the session to meet the student’s needs. One size fits all is never true when it comes to education, especially when tutoring is involved.
While one-on-one tutoring is the core of math tutoring at OOTB, if there are two to four students in similar courses, they may be able to utilize the group sessions offered at the OOTB education center. OOTB prizes individual learning even in a group setting; no two groups are alike, and neither are the sessions. The tutors will carefully choose their teaching methods to accommodate every student. The classrooms may be crowded, but OOTB tutors are the best at making sure each individual has everything they need to learn.
OOTB provides tutoring from elementary school all the way through senior year of high school. While a variety of topics are available, the primary focus at OOTB is classes in Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus. Due to the difficulty of these classes, these are where most students need a good tutor. Students in grades 11 and 12 will likely benefit the most from having a tutor who fully understands the topic and can spend time one-on-one helping them learn. OOTB offers tutoring in Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Physics, and more. Math Tutoring in Surrey is also available for AP classes.
OOTB goes beyond the core education to provide language tutoring in Punjabi and Hindi. The tutors at OOTB also provide training in Microsoft Office and other software training. While this is not typically what students need assistance with, technology and language skills are critical in the real world. As always, the OOTB tutors are knowledgeable and eager to impart mastery in the subject at hand. These sessions can be arranged in a one-on-one or group style.
If you live in the Surrey, Delta, or White Rock areas, OOTB is your choice for tutors that will put you or your child first. While other tutors may be as knowledgeable on the subject, at OOTB, you know that you or your child will receive full attention from the tutor, even if you choose to have a group session. There will never be so many students that each individual is put at a lower priority. And OOTB selects the best tutors in Surrey and the surrounding areas as part of their team. You can’t go wrong with OOTB.

Call us at (604)-725-6845 or visit our website https://www.ootbtutoring.com/ to inquire about our Surrey Math Tutoring program.

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