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Value Based Teaching Followed By Surrey Tutors

One of the most pertinent rants of the older generation nowadays pertains to the lack of moral compass among youngsters. If you belong to such a segment, the good news is that it is indeed possible to salvage the situation and all that is required is hiring Surrey Tutors who follow value-based teaching. Of course, it means that you will need to use your observation skills to be able to identify a tutor who believes in value based teaching.

To this effect, following are some of the parameters that could help you in your quest:

Personal success over exam results Surrey Tutors who understand the importance of values will invariably show greater inclination towards the overall development of the child rather than just harp on marks and results. While they would guide the students to perform well, they will also emphasize on life skills that are sure to come in handy later in life.
Foster self awareness – Teaching should not just revolve around rote learning. In fact the style employed by tutors in Surrey should be such that students are encouraged to think for themselves and come up with their own queries. Likewise, the tutor should also prompt them to look for alternative answers and debate and discussion should feature in every session.

Setting an example – What could be a better way of teaching values to a student than setting a personal example? Tutors who exhibit values through their behavior and body language are far more likely to create an impression on students as compared to one who just preaches and does not put the same in practice. By displaying values, tutors inspire students to inculcate the same in their lives and thus make a difference.

Positive attitude – To be able to carry a positive attitude at all times requires plenty of practice and having a tutor who would foster the same in your child is indeed a blessing. Once the child gets into the habit of being positive, he is sure to carry it forward after having grown up and it is bound to have a major impact in his life.

Surprisingly, some of the best tutors in the world are ones who do not teach but simply provide guidance and steer the child in the right direction. After all, tutoring is all about developing skills, meaning the child’s inherent abilities and talents, honing knowledge, meaning building upon what the child already knows and developing character, meaning what the child will be when he grows up. So the onus is on tutors in Surrey to realize these three aspects and accordingly plan sessions with the child.

While schools are focused on academics only, tutoring is much more than that and a good tutor is also a mentor, guide and friend. Therefore, it is but obvious that in addition to academic knowledge and technical know-how, tutors in Surrey should be cognizant of ethics and values so that they can pass on the same to their students. After all, few things in life are as satisfying as watching your student grow up into a wonderful and capable human being.

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