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The Parent’s Guide to Hiring a Surrey Math Tutor

Surrey Tutor

OOTB Tutoring is passionate about ensuring that students in need of private tutoring in Surrey are matched with a tutor to suit their specific needs. After all, you want to hire the best Surrey Tutor who can help your kid in excelling Math, Chemistry and Physics. Outside of OOTB Tutoring’s professional helpers, the parents should also have an idea on what they are looking for in a tutor.

Here are some tips on what you need in order to hire an in-home Surrey Math Tutor:

1) What are the goals? You will need to ask yourself a few questions before you can know what the end result of tutoring will be:
• What area do we need to focus on? (For example, are we looking for a math tutor in Surrey?).
• What level is involved? (For example, if you are looking for high school tutoring in Surrey vs. middle school).
• What do I know about my child’s learning style?
• How much time and money are you willing to put into tutoring?

2) Look at your tutor’s experience. There are several factors to consider when you are deciding on a tutor, regardless of where you have found the tutor. Some things you will want to know about hiring a one on one tutor in Surrey are:
• What is the tutor’s educational background?
• What kind of tutoring or teaching experience does the tutor already have (For example, does he or she already have references for chemistry tutoring in Surrey?)

3) Ask all of the questions you need to. While OOTB Tutoring is going to match you with great candidates for private tutors in Surrey, you still need to confirm that the tutor is what you want for your child. Here are some great questions to ask to make sure you have the best tutor in Surrey:

• How do you write lesson plans to meet the needs of each student? (For example, do the lesson plans for math tutoring work for the student?).
• What hours are you available for one on one tutoring in Surrey?
• What is your method to motivate students in the subject matter?
• How long do you think it will take to achieve the tutoring goal? (For example, for calculus tutoring in Surrey, how long until the student should understand the topic?)
• What kind of participation do you expect from the family? A positive outcome for tutoring will be reflected on not just the tutor and the student, but the family as well. Having a family cooperate in the learning process can help the student stay on task on the days when the tutor is not there.
• Have you ever tutored before and how did the results go? (For example, if you are looking at a math tutor, have the other students who used the same tutor completed their goals?)
• How often would you like to do the tutoring? Some subject matters will require more frequent sessions than others and depending on the needs of the student, they may need to be seen more often.

For further questions, you can reach OOTB Tutoring in Surrey at 604-725-6845. We specialize in Math, Physics and Chemistry.

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