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Thank you for visiting OOTB Tutoring. We are proud to announce that we have been rated Best Tutoring Center in Surrey, BC for the year 2020! OOTB Tutoring was founded by Jagjit Uppal, a UBC electrical engineer with over 15 years of experience in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). His desire to help young students at all ages is the driving force behind the company. We take pride at being recognized one of the leading education providers in Surrey, BC. Over 90% of our students have entered top rated Canadian universities (UBC, SFU, UofT, UW, McGill, UofC, UofA etc.). At OOTB, we focus on delivering in-depth logic-based live sessions, thus adding value to the school curriculum.


Amid the ongoing pandemic situation, majority of the schools/courses have transitioned to online schooling. We have utilized our deep domain expertise to come up with detailed oriented lectures/tutorials for Grades K-12 courses, including core subjects of Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science and English. In addition, we are offering live sessions via Zoom / Skype and virtual whiteboards to address our students’ specific needs. Our Online Tutoring program provides you with unlimited access to our tutorials / readings, from the comfort of your home. Our online sessions are tailored to your particular needs, as we want to help you achieve all personal and academic goals. We put great emphasis on developing skills, closing gaps in learning, getting ahead of the game, cultivating a passion for learning and building long-lasting trust.


At OOTB Tutoring Surrey, we understand that every child is born with a unique set of traits and talents and hence would need appropriate guidance especially in higher classes for certain subjects. Our best private tutors in Surrey would not just make the lessons interesting but also pace them and customize them as per the individual learning capability of your child. We will arrange a capable Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Science, English or Math tutor in Surrey who would hold your child’s hand and guide him through the maze till your child is confident.

We are based in Surrey but we offer professional, affordable and reliable tutoring services throughout Metro Vancouver which includes Surrey, Delta, South Surrey – White Rock, Langley, New Westminster, Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge. Our OOTB Surrey Tutors have a strong reputation and are experts in teaching high school and elementary grade courses. If you are looking for a tutor in Surrey BC, OOTB tutoring is just a phone call away. Call us at 604-725-6845 to discuss your tutoring needs and to arrange for top notch Surrey Tutors!


I am a skilled, professional and passionate tutor with several success stories in boosting my clients’ letter grades. It is my belief that every child is a storehouse of ingenuity waiting to be discovered and unleashed. As an award winning tutor in Surrey who has been teaching Math, Physics, Chemistry and Calculus for the last 15 years, I regard myself as a catalyst that can considerably improve the learning abilities of your child.

Having graduated as an Electrical Engineer from UBC, I decided to combine my expertise and specialization with my passion for providing guidance to children. The outcome has been OOTB Tutoring Surrey, which since the day of its inception, has been striving to provide a friendly yet disciplined leaning environment for children.

In my experience, a confident child is not just able to score well in exams but is also oriented towards applying the knowledge in real life situations and this forms the crux of my approach. The veracity of this method is further proven by the fact that as many as 90% of my students gain admission in universities.

I am:
SERVICE ORIENTED: My acceptance of an assignment is given only when I am confident of being able to deliver 100% results. Providing service is my first priority and I leave no stone unturned in a bid to achieve this objective in Math, Calculus, Physics or Chemistry.

RESULT ORIENTED: Having been a professional Surrey Math tutor for several years, I am well aware of the fact that results are all that matter. By adopting a proactive approach, not only do I guide children through their exams but also on their career paths and goals. I take pride in the fact that most of my students have shown improvement in marks by two-letter grades within a short span of three months. I am proactive and will prepare you for your midterms and provincials right from the beginning. Furthermore, I will provide you guidance regarding your career path and the steps needed to achieve your goals

We offer our tutoring services to GRADE 1 – GRADE 12 & University students for the following courses:


Our Surrey Math Tutors have years of experience and familiarity with the BC Curriculum. We specialize in the following courses / topics:

Pre-Calculus 12

Transformations, Radical Functions, Polynomial Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Trigonometry, Permutations and Combinations.


Limits and Contibuity, Derivatives, Applications of Derivatives, Integration, Applications of Integration, Integration Techniques

Pre-Calculus 11

Series and Sequences, Trignometry, Quadratic Functions, Quadratic Equations, Radical Expressions and Equations.

Math 1-10


Our Physics tutors are fully equipped in assisting you with the following courses:

Physics 12

Vector Kinematics, Vector Dynamics, Vector Momentum, Energy/Work/Momentum, Static Equilibrium, Circular Motion & Gravity, Electrostatics, Electric Circuits, Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Physics 11

Significant Digits/Scientific Notation/Unit Conversions, Kinematics – Uniform Motion & Acceleration, Forces and Newton’s Laws, Vectors in 1-D, Momentum, Work and Energy, Special Relativity, Waves and Optics.


Our Surrey Chemistry Tutors provide tutoring services for the following courses:

Chemistry 12

Reaction Kinematics, Equilibrium Systems, Solubility Equilibria, Acid Base Equilibria, Electrochemistry

Chemistry 11

Introduction to Chemistry, Atoms/Molecules/Ions, Mole Concept, Chemical Reactions, Solution Chemistry, Atomic Theory and Bonding, Organic Chemistry

Science 1-10


Our English Tutors in Surrey can assist the following courses:

Grade 1-10 English reading and writing

We offer free consultation and we look forward to helping you in achieving your goals. Call us today at 604-725-6845 to register:

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