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Tutoring in Math, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, and English.

You’ve found OOTB Tutoring, the leading Tutoring Center in Calgary for 5 straight years! We were founded by Jagjit Uppal, who originally trained and worked as an Electrical Engineer with UBC. His experience on the job (15+ years) in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is at the foundation of his unique educational approach, which your child will benefit from in the stimulating surroundings of our premiere learning institution! Over ninety percent of our students in Calgary are accepted to leading Canadian universities (UBC, SFU, UofT, UW, McGill, UofC, and UofA). You can therefore be assured that what we do here – works! Why does it work? It’s no mystery: we follow a fundamentals-led strategy that is logical and comprehensive, while being easy and fun. Join us!

Jagjit has passed on his practical approach, based on real-world engineering experience, to the team he has fostered, and it is also evident in the materials that we use in our courses, both at the elementary and high school level. Most of our educators have received personal training from Jagjit, in which he has conveyed the need for a serious, reality-oriented approach. The purpose of our education is to strike a balance between dedication to excellence and allowance for individual preferences. Focusing too much on one or the other can lead to lack of rigor or lack of motivation. By getting it right, we have achieved our superb track record. Whether in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, or Science – we believe there are some principles that always apply.

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Navraj Powar
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Hands down best tutor around. Jag has made pre-calculus 12 into a not so daunting course. His notes and methods of teaching are extremely efficient and easy to understand, and it has helped me from being a 70% student to an 86%. He motivates all his students to get the best mark they can get and encourages them to keep trying their best.
Shivani Tejpal
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Jag is an excellent tutor and has his own way of teaching certain concepts that helps you remember them. He covers every chapter that everyone is on and for the people who are on different chapters, it puts them ahead. The class has a comfortable atmosphere and doesn’t make you feel left out. I would 100% recommend this place.
Joban Sohi
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Jag is the best tutor I have gone to. He teaches the subjects really well and repeats lessons to make sure we have a very good understanding of the concept. I was able to tackle harder questions because Jag boosted my confidence from his teaching since he covers all types of questions and helps us learn the key concepts very well. The atmosphere in the class is relaxing and fun so there’s no pressure in learning key concepts. I really recommend going to OOTB Tutoring if your tackling grade 12 courses such as Pre Calculus 12, Chemistry 12 and Physics 12.
Harman Samra
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I joined OOTB Tutoring as I wanted a 90%+ average to get into university. I started off with 78% in Pre-Calculus but thanks to Jag I was able to finish with 96%. Jag is a great mentor and always kept motivating me to push my limits. Thanks for all your help!
Banveen Bhullar
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I had a great time here! Ootb has tremendously helped me for Pre calculus 12, math being one of my weakest subjects. I couldn't ask for a better tutor. The results were remarkable. In November 2016 I started getting tutored at ootb. My mark was 52%. The semester has now ended. In just 3 months, I went to 80%. Definitely worth it. In reality, I enjoy math now. I recommend ootb!
Rhea Parmar
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I started going to Jag for Pre-Calculus 12 and started to wish I came to him earlier. All the big and small methods and tricks he teaches you make learning so much easier. The class environment is also great, so I highly recommend Jag!
Justin Szeto
Justin Szeto
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The place to go for tutoring... really easy environment to learn quickly and efficiently in and super affordable rates for group and 1 on 1 sessions. First class service and knows the material inside out. Great teacher but even better guy!
Nikki Virk
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I'm a year ahead In math and I wasnt doing very well in pre-calc 11. As soon as I started going to ootb my grades picked up and I began understanding the concepts so much better and quicker and I ended up completing the class with a grade higher than I expected. Jag was really helpful and his notes were clear and easy to understand. If I ever had any questions about anything I could always ask jag and he would have the answer. Totally recommend going to ootb.

Why Chose OOTB?

15 years in the field as an engineer mean that Jagjit’s approach and methods are battle-tested and grounded, so our students are assured of a solid foundation for their STEM studies. In addition, his hands-on approach means that he remains involved as a teacher for Maths (Pre-Calculus, Calculus), Physics and Chemistry. He can’t stop!

In Lower Mainland (as rated from 2017-2020) we remain the No.1 Tutoring Center.

Upwards of 90% of OOTB students go on to study at leading Canadian universities (UBC, SFU, UofT, UW, McGill, UofC, UofA).

We provide a comprehensive learning service. We teach Math (Pre-Calculus, Calculus), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science and English. We employ only the best-qualified tutors for each discipline, and furthermore train them in our methods and approach.

Our Results

Meet Jagjit Uppal – Founder of OOTB Tutoring
(Rated Best Tutor in Calgary)

Jagjit is a genuine believer in the potential of any student to flourish in the right educational surroundings, with the right learning apparatus, and the right set of instructors. This is the foundation of his passion as an educator, and the ultimate inspiration behind the creation of OOTB Tutoring. Experience has shown that this attitude is not only richly rewarding for the students, but also for the teachers whom he trains and works with.

Jagjit recalls that this teaching career began earlier than most, when as a child he would be approached by friends and younger members of his family looking for help with school work. As he explained concepts and helped to solve problems, he came to understand that teaching was a skill that could be learned like any other, and taught like any other.

His formal studies were in Engineering. He graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia (UBC), and this foundation gives him a firm basis for teaching Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus. Practical examples from the real world give his lessons a more lively, lucid quality, and the structured thinking that engineering imbues in those who study it is evident in the rigor of the courses themselves.


All educators have had to change with the times in this new age of global health concerns. We’re happy to say that we have managed this transition by converting our lectures and tutorials to an online setting. This includes materials for Math, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science and English. In addition to pre-recorded material, we also offer live tutoring sessions, using Zoom / Skype, virtual whiteboards and other helpful tools. This has minimized disruption for our students, who are now able to access all our classes from the comfort of wherever they are. In a live session, we aim to tackle a single topic comprehensively, using practice questions of increasing difficulty to reinforce the knowledge. Where helpful, we offer additional time for students who are (for example) preparing for upcoming exams. Those they may not meet, the relationship between our staff and their students remains as strong as ever. By continually checking in on progress, we are able to ensure that no one is left behind.



With online tutoring you get unlimited 24/7 access to all our pre-recorded lecture material and live tutoring sessions from the comfort of your home. There are no geographical limits (back and forth traveling) and the added flexibility allows us to match your kid with the best possible tutor.

Flexible Schedule:

Our philosophy is that we should fit around your needs, not your needs around our schedule. You can proceed at whatever speed you feel makes sense (exam schedule permitting – we can’t change that unfortunately!). Live sessions can be booked when students have time to apply themselves fully.

Professional and Highly Qualified Online Tutors

We are highly selective as to who we accept to teach on our staff, which means that you can be assured of high standards in whatever subject you enroll for. Jagjit is active in personally coaching new staff, and we ensure that tutors receive ongoing education to ensure that our standards are maintained over time. Teaching is also a learning process!

Interactive Sessions:

For us ‘interactive’ is more than just a buzzword. It applies to our entire approach, not only in obvious ways such as the use of interactive whiteboards and other technology, but also in the way that tutors approach the process of communication. Treating a session as a dialogue and not a broadcast should be an obvious approach, but it takes work. At OOTB we know that this additional effort makes all the difference!

Our Courses

Math Tutoring in Calgary

Everyone needs Math. Unfortunately, not everyone falls in love with it from the start. There is no getting away from the fact that it is a core part of the curriculum, whatever stage of education, and important for life in general. Many of the problems that students face in getting to grips with mathematics, in our experience, is due to inadequate teaching early on in one's education. With a shaky foundation, progressing to higher levels is clearly much harder. Our solution is to address this directly by starting from the fundamentals, and teaching problem-solving skills rather than just 'teaching to the test'. This is not only much more effective, but also much more rewarding for the students. They learn not to fear complexity but instead how to break complicated problems down into simpler ones. Meanwhile, our teachers make the questions easier to conceptualize by relating them where possible to realistic life scenarios. Best of all, this approach takes less time than normal methods, condensing three years into twelve months! To take one example, a Grade 7 student we trained was able to finish Pre-Calculus 12.
We specialize in the following courses:

  • Pre-Calculus 12: Transformations, Conics, Radical Functions, Polynomial Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Trigonometry, Rational Functions, Permutations and Combinations.
    Calculus: Limits and Continuity, Derivatives, Applications of Derivatives, Integration, Applications of Integration, Integration Techniques
  • Pre-Calculus 11: Series and Sequences, Trigonometry, Quadratic Functions, Quadratic Equations, Radical Expressions, Absolute Value Functions, Reciprocal Functions, System of Equations and Inequalities.
  • Math 1-10: Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry

Physics Tutoring in Calgary

Physics is arguably the most impactful of all the sciences in terms of technological progress in the last 100 years - behind nuclear power, the moon-landings and the semiconductors that power our computers and phones. Grade 7 Science students begin with the fundamental concepts and progress from these to the higher stages. Both our elementary and high school materials go in tandem with the BC Math curriculum, and this is also reflected in the background of the tutors who take these classes. Since the subject matter is not always easy, our approach is to attempt to maintain engagement by adding dynamism and a touch of fun wherever possible (for example with live demonstrations using equipment), which is also obviously a more effective way to get knowledge to stick! In addition, we aim to cover all key concepts at least 3-4 times to ensure that they take root.

Physics 12: Vector Kinematics, Vector Dynamics, Vector Momentum, Energy, Work, Momentum, Static Equilibrium, Circular Motion & Gravity, Electrostatics, Electric Circuits, Magnetism and Electromagnetism.

Physics 11: Significant Digits/Scientific Notation/Unit Conversions, Kinematics – Uniform Motion & Acceleration, Forces and Newton’s Laws, Vectors in 1-D, Momentum, Energy, Work, Special Relativity, Waves and Optics.

Chemistry Tutoring in Calgary

In the study of Chemistry, we come face to face with the fundamental reactions that power our modern society, from nutrition to manufacturing and the military. It is also a subject that is intricately woven into our everyday lives. In our comprehensive courses, students are led from the early stages to the higher levels using a process that is both rigorous and entertaining. We cover the entire curriculum, making sure to reinforce each key learning with case studies, questions and examples, each at an appropriate level of difficulty. Our tried and tested approach is based on an understanding that your child will require a tailored schedule so that they can progress at a speed that makes sense for them.

Chemistry 12: Reaction Kinematics, Equilibrium Systems, Solubility Equilibria, Acid Base Equilibria, Electrochemistry.

Chemistry 11: Introduction to Chemistry, Atoms/Molecules/Ions, Mole Concept, Chemical Reactions, Solution Chemistry, Atomic Theory and Bonding, Organic Chemistry.

Biology Tutoring in Calgary

Biology - the study of life - is one of the broadest-reaching topics in the whole scholastic curriculum. It is also one of the most fascinating, with its theories coverings the development of civilization at a global, national and local level. It is also a diverse field, covering Biochemistry, Botany, Ecology, Genetics and Molecular Biology. That sounds like a lot to hold in one's head! Our approach is to cut to the fundamentals by decoding the underlying principles that govern Biology as a whole. Our tutors are all trained in this approach, and use our wide-reaching materials to deliver a teaching course that is both deep and yet comprehensible. As well as our standard course schedule, we also allow for the fact that students may require additional support, whether for targeted issues as they progress through the course, or around 'pinch points' such as exams. In the meantime, our complete online corpus remains open to all students 24/7, to be accessed whenever they need it, wherever they are in Calgary!

Biology 11: Classification, Genetics, Adaptation and Evolution, Viruses and Monerans, Protists, Mycology, Plant Biology, Animal Biology.

English Tutoring in Calgary

English is vital not just for communication, but is vital for learning itself. If we think about how the world has become increasingly connected, the ability to use the medium of language to persuade, clarify and articulate has never been more important. Our teachers take their job seriously as one would expect, viewing the subject as multi-dimensional, covering literacy, communication and creative thinking. Most importantly, they are themselves exemplars of the standards the course and coursework set out to teach. By observing their example, our students make steady progress to their goals. This applies especially in the case of students for whom English is a second language (ESL). We always plan a student's learning path on a case-by-case basis, which is one of the reasons why our results are consistently positive across the board.

Our expert English tutors in Surrey can assist with the topics / courses below:

Grades K-8 English: Reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation usage.

Grades 9-12 English: Essay writing, poem/passage evaluation and reading comprehension.

English as Second Language (ESL) tutoring.

Science Tutoring in Calgary

Science is in reality not a subject per se but a whole body of knowledge, powering our development as a civilization and as a species. However, despite the many different disciplines that flourish under its name, there is a common mindset that all scientists share ('the scientific method'), based on the concept of establishing, testing and proving / disproving carefully-established hypotheses. Students at a Grade 4 level require an introduction to this mindset from day one, so that in time they can graduate to the specialized study of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our program ensures that students are familiar with the scientific method and toolkit from an early age, which not only equips them for later research, but also gives them a genuine understanding and enthusiasm. We make sure that each child finds their own way through this magical discipline with a tailored learning schedule that proceeds at their own natural pace.

Our expert Science tutors in Surrey provide assistance for following courses:

Grades K-8 Science: Elementary Science – Animals, Plants, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Electricity, Inventions, Physics, Scientists and Inventors.

Grade 9 Science: Atomic Theory, Elements, Compounds, The Nucleus, Mitosis, Meiosis, Static Electricity, Ohm’s Law, Circuits, Universe – Galaxy, Solar System.

Grade 10 Science: Biomes, Energy Flow and Cycles, Ecosystems, Atomic Theory, Classification of Compounds, Chemical Reactions, Radioactivity, Thermal Energy, Climate Change, Plate Tectonics.

Professional and Affordable Tutoring in Calgary

It’s core to our philosophy at OOTB that no two children are the same: not only in terms of their starting position with respect to a given subject, but also in terms of their unique portfolio of skills, traits and learning preferences. Knowing this means that the tutor can work with the student to develop this skillset and imbue a real passion for learning. You will notice that we repeatedly emphasize the importance of tailoring the experience to each child. This is not just a buzzword, but a reality in how we do things. It furthermore creates an atmosphere in which there is trust, so that students are not shy to probe deeper when an issue is unclear. If we had to summarize what you as a parent receive when you entrust your child to our care, it would be ‘peace of mind’. Not just that your child will succeed, but that they will genuinely get the most out of their education, that is, undergo a positive, lifelong transformation in their attitude to learning. Whether you are looking for support in Math, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, or English, or all of them, our promise is the same. By combining fun and focus to create a learning environment that recognizes the individuality of each learner, we believe that we are creating a lasting gift that will continue to deliver long after the final exam is taken and the invigilator says ‘Pens down’.

While Surrey is our main location, our first-class network of affordable tutors can be found all through the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley (Surrey, Delta, South Surrey – White Rock, Langley, New Westminster, Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Mission, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack). OOTB tutors have the highest reputation for helping high school and elementary students achieve success. If you believe these services are right for you, call OOTB Tutoring at 604-725-6845. We’ll take the time to understand your needs, and find the right tutor for you without delay.

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