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OOTB Tutoring Surrey is based on the concept that each child is unique in terms of his persona. So it is up to the professional math tutor in Surrey to bring out the best in the child by applying a tutoring program that is compatible with him.
With the intention of facilitating customized education to children, we offer a variety of tutoring programs.

Our programs are listed below:

One On One Tutoring Program in Surrey

Our One On One tutoring program specializes in providing customized education to students who are looking to enhance specific skills and would benefit from individual attention.This program is comprised of a math tutor in Surrey assigned per one student. It is perfect for children who need individual attention in highly specialized courses.Highlights of this program are:
1) A comfortable environment wherein the student need not feel conscious about asking doubts and enjoys a good rapport with the tutor in Surrey
2) Held at the student’s home or a location agreed upon by both parties which is comfortable for both
3) Ideal for specialized learning; for example if a student is weak in Calculus, opting for a one-to-one session with a Calculus tutor in Surrey is the best way to overcome difficulties
4) It is possible to pace the curriculum as per the individual learning ability of the student
5) Treats each child as unique and strives to derive the best in terms of performance

At OOTB, we aim to accommodate our students to create an environment where they feel most comfortable in learning. Hence we provide one on one sessions at OOTB education centre, student’s home and/or at a commonly agreed location as per student’s preference.

Research shows that humans are evolving day by day and each individual is unique in ways they learn and grasp information. In such an environment, specialized teaching becomes of utmost importance as legacy classroom structures continue to be based on ‘one size fits all’ traditional style teaching.

One On One tutoring sessions allow the instructor to design the course based on the student’s needs and pace the curriculum according to each student’s personal growth pattern, generating maximum results.

Group Tutoring Program in Surrey

OOTB Tutoring Surrey’s group sessions consist of maximum 4 students and are offered at the OOTB education center. Group sessions at OOTB are carefully constructed to group students requiring assistance in similar courses. The highlights of this program are:

1)Groups are formed in such a way that the students not just match in terms of subjects but also their pace of learning and preparation for exams
2)Teamwork is encouraged by tutor in Surrey during these sessions so that group members benefit from each other’s company
3)Such a session is meant to foster collaboration among students and encourage them to work together on practice materials provided by the tutor
4)It creates an atmosphere of healthy competition among peers
5)To facilitate easy understanding, the tutor in Surrey breaks down the concepts into smaller tasks and uses real-life examples to foster understanding and application

Summer Tutoring Program in Surrey

Summers are often the time of the year when students are most relaxed and not over whelmed with general pressures of examination and coping with multiple course schedules.

This is the best time to allow them to focus on specific skill sets and improve on courses that might require extra attention and practice.

Summer is also a great time to prepare for courses for next year and get a head start. This allows students to stay ahead of the curve by reducing the extent of new course material students are required to learn in parallel and overall assists in achieving higher grades. Following are the highlights of our summer classes in Surrey:
1) Designed to enable the child to focus on a specific skill set
2) Parts of curriculum that require extra attention and practice can be focused upon during this time owing to lack of pressure from school
3) Ideal to start preparation for the forthcoming year and get a head start. This would even improve understanding in class as the chapter will have been done once before
4) Reinforcement of concepts is best achieved in summer classes

Summer program at OOTB is built keeping these concepts in mind and is updated each year based on student’s requests and demands of the changing curriculum.

Computer Training Program

Given the proliferation of technology in almost every sphere, we at OOTB Tutoring feel that it is important for students to be proficient in computers. Our computer training program has been devised with this in mind and its highlights are:
1) Teaching basic applications like MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
2) Ensuring that the students gain sufficient fluency with tools to be able to utilize the program to their advantage and produce best results
3) Caters to all age groups
4) Can be a one-to-one session or a group session as preferred
5) It can be customized as per the learning abilities of the student

At OOTB, we realize the importance of technology in the 21st century and hence as per special request from several of our clients, have created this course to serve our community and its members of all ages.

Computer sessions can be arranged on a one on one or group basis, and are customized to achieve the specific goals of our clients.

All you need to do is pick a suitable training program offered by OOTB Tutoring Surrey and contact us for more information

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