Our programs are focused on meeting your individual needs. We provide unique, tailor-made solutions for all core courses including Math, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Science, and English. 


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One-on-One Tutoring Program

Our One On One tutoring program specializes in providing customized education to students who are looking to enhance specific skills and would benefit from individual attention. We assign a professional/expert tutor to work with the student on an individual basis. This option is ideal for children who need individual attention in highly specialized courses. Highlights of this program are:

  1. A comfortable environment wherein the student does not feel conscious about asking questions and enjoys a good rapport with the tutor.
  2. The sessions can be held at the student’s home or a location agreed upon by both parties.
  3. One On One tutoring session allows the instructor to design the course based on the student’s needs enhancing student’s personal growth pattern and generating maximum results. At OOTB, we aim to create an environment where our students feel comfortable and confident in tackling challenging situations in all aspects of life.


Group Tutoring Program

Our Group Tutoring program involves our BEST (Top 5%) tutors working with a small group of students for each specific course. This program prepares students for University style learning and allows them to with our top tutors. Furthermore, it provides a more affordable option for learning.  This program is ideal for students who are motivated and are aiming to finish in the top 10th percentile.  Highlights of this program are:

  1. Students work together to solve problems, mirroring how problems are often solved in the real world
  2. The content might be at varying levels but focused around a singular topic. This allows students to either see what lies ahead or review what’s already been taught. 
  3. Make friends and associate learning as a positive, cooperative experience.
  4. Sessions are very similar to University study sessions with peers.

Our group tutoring sessions allow the instructor to create a communal learning atmosphere that allows students of similar caliber to grow together. Students build their skills with each other to reach heights that might not have been possible had they been working alone.


Summer Tutoring Program

Summers are often the time of the year when students feel most relaxed and not overwhelmed with the usual pressures of homework and exams. It provides an ideal opportunity to focus on specific skill sets and improve in areas that might require extra attention and practice. We strongly encourage students/parents to utilize this time to prepare ahead of upcoming semester/year courses. This allows students to stay ahead of the curve and allows them to learn the subject material at a relaxed pace.  The extra practice/reinforcement of concepts directly results in higher grades. The Summer Program at OOTB is updated each year based on student’s requests and demands of the changing curriculum.

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